With the current regulatory environment, Italian banks will move away from tax drawer purchases.

We have been reasoning for some time about applicable solutions to current laws considering all the changes that have occurred. Once the credit was generated and made visible in the tax drawer, it was necessary to build a revolving mechanism to also allow those purchasing tax credits to use them to offset debit F24s.

This would have made it possible to dispose of the stock of loans and regain purchasing capacity for substandard ones. The ideal solution would have been securitization of tax drawers, but the costs of the operation structure were excessive and to the detriment of the originators.

We have created a mechanism that leads to fractionability of drawers not only by annuities, but also by monthly, weekly and daily with tax drawers of immediate compensability. The solution has become ideal for transferee companies that want to save on tax payments by purchasing tax credits at favorable rates and without risk, and at the same time it is perfect for transferring companies with liquidity needs.

We can boast daily divestment transactions supported by notarized escrow accounts, with ad hoc regulations for individual assignors and assignees, and the constant support of a network of Professionals throughout Italy.