Insurance Services

Venetian International Team Advisor


In today’s global scenario, business risks can no longer be considered in isolation from the context in which they emerge. The global economic slowdown, regulatory changes, cybercrime, reputational damage and other critical risks affect companies of all types and sizes.

VITA, with the expertise of the Insurance consulting team, is able to address clients’ challenges, risks and opportunities, supporting them with comprehensive, clear, independent analyses and programs. Working closely with Tyr Broker’s brokerage team-where Diego Meneghinotto, CEO of VITA, is managing director-VITA’s consultants provide clients with a comprehensive, integrated approach to risk management.

Within the Risk Consulting function, services available to clients range from business continuity management to enterprise risk management (Enterprise Risk Management), as well as evaluation of measures for risk mitigation and possible transfer to the insurance market. VITA’s national and international reach, enables the management and structuring of insurance entities, including Captive – protected vehicles for special purposes, and ensures connection with the world’s leading specialized insurance and reinsurance companies.

Collaboration with the Finance department, the Real Estate department and the Corporate department of VITA ensures that solutions are always innovative to protect the client.

  • Risk Assessment
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Collaboration with leading domestic and international brokers
  • Dialogue with insurance and reinsurance companies
  • Captive
  • Customer Loyalty Programs