Corporate Services

Venetian International Team Advisor


Against a backdrop of increasingly stringent requirements from regulatory authorities, high stress from global geopolitical changes, a constantly evolving digitization process, and a lack of strategic vision for Enterprises, the team Corporate of VITA supports the entrepreneur in the complex management of all business processes.

Intercepting the signs of change impacting the company’s business by implementing true Risk Governance becomes critical to gaining competitive advantage, weaving effective relationships and partnerships in an increasingly interconnected world, and preserving the very survival of the company.

The multidisciplinary approach and the proven experience of many years in small, medium and large enterprises of the professionals of the Corporate team make it possible to offer innovative and always up-to-date tools, as well as to provide clients with Partnerships and Professional Collaborations of absolute prestige.

  • Corporate Compliance
  • Information Management – Data Protection (GDPR) and Documentation Management (ISO9001)
  • Sustainability consulting (ESG requirements)
  • Drafting of Business Plan
  • Networking